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Freeway Building Materials
1124 South Boyle Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90023

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at Opal Street
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Prop Rental/Finder Service
Film, television, commercial and photo propmasters have known about and relied on Freeway for a wide range of props, fixtures, building supplies and unusual items. Many film and television productions rely on Freeway for both materials rentals AND post-production liquidation. Call Alejandro at 323-261-8904 with your list of prop and set design needs, and chances are, he has it - or can get it!

About Freeway Bulding Materials

Freeway Building Materials specializes in buying and selling building materials, fixtures and rare objects built before 1960. We stock common and hard-to-find objects for sale and rental - objects of superior design, quality and value.

Freeway has been in the same Los Angeles location for over 50 years, and has been owned and operated daily by Alejandro Acevedo for over 30 years. Being in business that long has helped to build an amazing, on-hand stock of doors, windows, bath fixtures, statuary and unique one-of-a-kind objects accumulated from decades of Los Angeles construction, demolition and film/television productions. His customers include homeowners, decorators, architects, contractors, collectors, restoration hobbyists and professionals.
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